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Workshop course

A young archaeologist
A young archaeologist. The profession of archeologist is often associated with great passion and adventure. During the workshop, the participants will see how it is in reality. During the course you will be able to familiarize yourself with archaeological research methods in the field, see the subsequent stages of archaeologist's work related to exploration and documentation of discoveries. Young archaeologists will be able to try their ability at a specially prepared archaeological excavation. Time: 90 minutes Price: PLN 200 / group.
Prehistoric cooking
Prehistoric cooking. The classes will be preceded by a lecture on ways of getting food by prehistorians and land cultivation techniques by agricultural communities. Various types of tools and kitchen utensils will be presented, which are replicas of prehistoric monuments. During the workshops, the participants will be able to make flour on specially prepared mills from both the Bronze Age and the early Middle Ages. They will learn ways to prepare dishes from the prehistoric menu. Time: 90 minutes.
Slavic plays and games
Slavic plays and games. Workshops inspired by the medieval struggles of the wars. During the classes, children take part in a number of competitions and fitness games. The workshops take place in the open air.
Workshop course is prepared with an eye to different age groups ( preschoolers, school children, youth, adults). It enables to adjust programme to abilities of participants. The purpose of classes is to acquaint with history of ceramic production and basic techniques of moulding and decorating and also with particular forms of vessels (with particular attention to ceramics produced by community belonging to the Pleszów Group of the Mierzanowice Culture, community belonging to the Otomani- Füzesabony and Slavic people). Active form of classes enables better assimilation of transmitted at the same time historical information and direct encounter workroom of pottery from hundred and even several thousand years before. Vessels and ceramic forms that will be produced during classes can be taken away by participants or optionally left for burning in ceramic furnace. Time: 90 minutes....
Bow is one of the oldest and the most famous kind of thrown weapons. It had been used by human since ancient times. It had been used for fights, hunting and also in sport for millennia. Despite the fact that over the centuries its form and materials used for production have changed, its function remain the same. Nowadays bow is used as a sports weapon, although, societies that use it for hunting still exist. Purpose of classes is to acquaint listeners with the most famous weapon in the world. Classes include theoretical part during which different kinds of bows and methods of its production will be presented and practical part in shape of learning how to use bow in range. Workshop course is intended to children that are over 10 years old. Time: 90 minutes. . Maximum number of people in group: 35 people. Price: 200 PLN.

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