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The gold of the south

Not far from the Carpathian Troy, the big cultural centre from the beginnings of the Bronze Age, local farmer during fieldworks found three golden bracelets tied with golden wire on the surface of field. Two of them are made of spiral, quite thick, golden wire, third bracelet is made of slightly thinner doubly folded one. They weight 61,76 grammes. These artefacts originate from the Carpathian Basin, dated to the Bronze Age when area of Trzcinica was inhabited by transcarpathian population, which represented the highest level of social development. Probably they could be connected with the Otomani-Fuzesabony Culture, which perfectly known metallurgy of bronze and gold. Unusually noble man was discoverer, who reported discovery to Historic Preservation Officer, indicated the place where he discovered it and handed gold artefacts to the Subcarpathian Museum in Krosno. In the place where the bracelets were discovered the archaeological explorations will be conducted soon. They explain whether these unique artefacts were hidden in this place intentionally, were grave furnishings, or maybe there was the defensive settlement and the artefacts were lost accidentally. Soon gold will be displayed in the Subcarpathian Museum in Krosno, and then on the constant display at the Carpathian Troy.


Projekt graficzny i realizacja na autorskim systemie cms: Daniel Dudka

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