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Small Discoverer's Room

Room of Small Discoverer

Special place called “Room of little discoverer” were prepared with an eye to the youngest guests of Archeological Open- Air Museum Carpathian Troy. It is dedicated to all preschoolers. This room is equipped with proper set of furniture, scientific support, multimedia equipment, toys- modern as well as copies such used by children long time ago. 

In this cosy room the youngest set off on a trip to a distant times to acquaint the world in which hundreds and thousands years before have lived their peers.

Packet of activities for the youngest:

In land of former toys

 Toys have accompanied people from the dawn of time. Their shapes, materials have changed but “topic” have remained the same. Little discoverers acquaint with replicas of toys from different historical periods.

Fabulous Carpathian Troy

 Fabulous tale about the Carpathian Troy is a story about hero named Maciuś  that sets off on time travel and discovers secrets of the settlement at Trzcinica. Additional attraction is phone to future, in which tales about the settlement narrated by Michał Malinowski, who is the most famous narrator in Europe history.

Virtual wander with Leokadia.

Animated girl Leokadia takes children for a wander through the Archeological Open- Air Museum. She talks to children about history of the settlement at Trzcinica in intelligible, adjusted to an age way.

Time: 60 minutes. Maximum number of people in group: 25 people. Price: 150 PLN

 „PHONE FROM FUTURE” that is four phones in which children can listen special collection of tales. It is element that make stay in room more attractive. Collection includes eight short stories about boy named Maciuś , which set off on a time trip with his parents to discover secrets of hill at Trzcinica. Tales were written by Michał Malinowski, who is the most famous narrator in history of Europe.

 Room is available for organized groups from Tuesday to Friday, and for individual little discoverers with their carers for weekends in hours of the Archeological Open- Air Museum work.

Room was created in frames of “Little Discoverer” project thanks to the support of the Orange Foundation, Carpathian Gas Company- branch in Jasło and BRE Bank foundation. Phones were made by Delta Tech Electronics from Jasło.


Projekt graficzny i realizacja na autorskim systemie cms: Daniel Dudka

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